When is the best time to service a lawn mower or tractor?

The best time is right at the end of the season usually after Thanksgiving. This will give you the best service price, your equipment will be clean and ready to go in the spring, and grass will not be packed under the deck all winter possibly causing rust.

How often should I sharpen my blades?

It is a good practice to sharpen them every Holiday. Examples would be Memorial Day, July 4th, and then Labor Day. This will allow the best cut on your grass and it is an easy way to remember when to do it.

If I change my own oil where can I get rid of it?

Since we use the waste oil to heat our shop, you may bring your waste oil and gasoline to us.

How often should I change my engine oil?

It should be changed about every 50 hours with an oil filter and if it doesn’t have an oil filter then it should be changed every 25 hours.

Why does my deck cut unevenly?

There are several reasons a deck can cut unevenly. The most common reason is incorrrect tire pressure. Other reasons include bent blades or linkage under the tractor requiring adjustment.

Does Bombergers provide pick up service?

Yes, we have a pickup and delivery service. We cover all of Lancaster County, Lebanon County and some in Berks and York Counties.  Call us to inquire about your area.

Does Bombergers service equipment at my home or business?

Yes we can. We come out to the house for general/basic service. If there is something wrong with it, it may need to come back to the shop for service.

Do you wash mowers for the service?

Yes, we wash the mowers if they are getting a complete service. We spend a fair amount of time washing old grass from deck area and tractor to prevent rust and bearing wear. We also spray the bottoms of the decks with a special spray so the grass doesn’t stick as easily.

Should I add a stabilizer to my gas?

Yes, and we strongly recommend adding a stabilizer to every tank of gas. We have a product on the shelf that is amazing and actually breaks down the ethanol in the fuel and takes a surge out of the engine. The product is new to the market but is worth every penny and will save you money down the road. Contact us for details.

How does mulching work? Will I be able to mulch my grass?

Mulching is beneficial for the yard in that instead of removing the nutrients in the cut piece of grass, you simply cut them into smaller pieces so they naturally decompose helping to feed your grass. There are some specific “rules” regarding mulching such as; never cut more the 1/3 the length of the grass, always mow in dry conditions when possible, alternate directions of the cut weekly so the grass doesn’t “lay down” the same way all times.

Should I use fuel with no Ethanol?

We believe non ethanol fuel is best for smaller engines such as trimmers and mowers, however, it is getting more difficult to get. If you are unable to locate fuel without ethanol there are commercial fuel treatments to counteract the effect. We keep these products in stock at our store.

My old mower never had problems with dirt in the fuel, why would it have problems now?

Newer mowers are much more environmentally friendly and fuel efficient then older units. All the tolerances are tighter and therefore even the smallest pollutant in the fuel can cause problems much more quickly than older units.

Do you rent equipment?

Yes, we rent all types of equipment from power equipment and Party rentals to heavy equipment and more. Our rental hours are weekdays between 7am – 8pm and Saturdays between 7am – 5pm.