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Flooring FAQs

Q. I have (or am considering) a radiant heat system. What flooring products are appropriate for this application?
A. Many different products may be used. Most manufacturers have specific product recommendations for use over radiant heat. For example cork must be floated rather than glued, some engineered hardwoods are approved for that purpose, and specific carpet padding is available for use over radiant heat. Contact our sales department professionals for details.

Q. There are too many choices available today. Where or how do I begin?

A. Let Bomberger’s Store’s trained and experienced in-store designers guide you to the best procedure and products to be used for your project.

Q. What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

A. The porcelain tile is simply created from a slightly different clay base that is finer, higher in density, fired at a higher temperature and therefore harder than some ceramic tiles which also can vary in hardness. Less dense products are often rated for wall rather than floor use, but both ceramic and porcelain can be appropriate for floor use. There is often no visual difference between them.

Q. How do I deal with grout maintenance after installation?

A. Sealing of grout can be done after installation. This resists penetration of soil into the grout making cleaning easier, but may need to be repeated periodically depending on the type of sealer used and the frequency of cleaning the area. If “rejuvenation” is needed Bombergers provides a grout cleaning and resealing service.

Q. How do I decide between solid or engineered hardwood?

A. Since most solid hardwoods must be nailed an engineered floor is usually required for installations where that is not an option (such as over concrete), when a more dimensionally stable product is needed below grade or over a crawl space. The visuals are often indistinguishable and either can be used for many applications. See our design team for details.

Q. Will there be color variation in my hardwood floor?

A. Yes, wood is a product of nature. Part of it’s beauty is the variation from board to board. No two boards are ever the same.

Q. I moved my area rug, and the color of the wood is different where my rug was. Why?

A. Wood goes through a natural ageing process called patina. Some species are more greatly affected than others. Bright sunlight may also accelerate this condition. Occasionally moving area rugs or furniture that may cause this effect is recommended.

Q. Can I have hardwood installed in my bathroom?

A. Due to the high moisture associated with these areas it is not recommended. If you want a hardwood look floor in your bathroom, check out our wood look vinyl and tile options that would be better suited for moist conditions.
Q. I want to be environmentally responsible. Are there “green” flooring products available?
A. Many flooring products today are recyclable, have recycled content, are made from products diverted from landfills or are created or harvested from ecologically maintained renewable resources. Let our design team show you our many choices.

Q. Who will install our flooring purchase?

A. Bomberger’s has a team of trained and experienced professionals to turn your dreams and plans into beautiful reality.

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