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Laminate is available in hundreds of colors and many different finishes and edge profiles to give your kitchen countertops in Lancaster, PA the look you've always wanted. All of the laminate brands that we offer are of the same high quality, and can range from vibrant pure colors to hundreds of patterns that simulate the look of stone and wood, all at a fraction of what you'd pay for the real thing.

Acrylic surfaces have the least conspicuous seams of any counter top surface. Acrylic is the only surface for kitchen countertops that offers a sink in the same material, which gives the top an integrated appearance. Drop-in and undermount sinks of different materials may also be used. Acrylic is not scratch- or heat- resistant, but it is repairable in most cases. Since acrylic is a man-made product, the pattern is consistent throughout.

Quartz is a man-made product made with natural resources (93% quartz, 7% resin). Pattern is more consistent than natural stone but is still somewhat random. Completely non-porous; never needs to be sealed. The finish is polished but will have areas of less sheen; this is not considered a defect. Seams are visible. Drop-in or undermount sinks may be used. Scratch & heat-resistant, but leaving a hot pan on the counter top can cause clouding in the resin, which can't be repaired. You may find that quartz kitchen countertops are perfect for your Lancaster, PA home.


Granite countertops are popular in Lancaster, PA because of their natural beauty and durability. With deep, rich colors and one-of-a-kind patterns, granite offers beauty that can only be created in nature.

Granite comes in a wide variety of finishes such as polished, honed, suede and leather. It is highly resistant to scratching and chipping. Standard edge finishes include ¼ Bevel, ¼ Round ½ Round, Full ½ Round and Flat Eased. Upgraded Ogee and Full Bullnose edges are also available.

Granite countertops are an investment that Lancaster, PA homeowners will appreciate for generations to come.

Cultured marble tops are man-made. The bowl, deck and 4" backsplash are fully integrated because it's a molded process. Patterns include solid, vein, onyx (translucent) and granite (speckled). Standard bowls are flush & recessed. Other bowls (shell & square) are also available. Harsh cleaners should never be used on cultured marble. Discoloration or permanent damage to finish can occur. Nonabrasive liquid cleaners should be used. Most minor scratches can be minimized with automotive wax.

Each slab of natural stone is completely unique, and the pattern can be very random. Because of the random pattern, each slab must be selected by the customer. Undermount or drop-in sinks may be used. Natural Stone is porous & must be sealed at least once a year. The sealing process is easy & doesn't require a professional. Natural stone is heat- and scratch-resistant, but not scratch-proof. Seams are visible. If you're looking for something unique, adding cultured marble kitchen countertops to your Lancaster, PA home may be your perfect fit.

Stainless steel is clinically clean. Fine scratches are apparent and are part of normal wear. Available with eased edge profile only. Comes in 18g (heavier gauges available)

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